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Many members of The Northern Ohio Chapter attended the Cleveland Yacht Club Boat Hop held at the mouth of the Rocky River in Rocky River, Ohio on May 26th. The celebration of open boat tours, antique cars and scenic views were in abundance at this years show. “It was a great opportunity to display our cars and interact with the boating community”, said Bernie Golias, President, of the Northern Chapter. The cars were mostly invited by Jim Winton who’s Great Grand Father Alexander Winton was once Commodore of the CYC back in 1908.Also in attendance were some fourth generation Winton family members. They were given a brief history of what their great great great great grand father’s automobile was like. Some of the members that attended were Tom Barrett, 1926 Studebaker, Ron Mihalek 1937 Ford, David Heinrichs 1917 Winton, Bernie Golias 1922 Winton and Charlie Jandik, 1934 Plymouth.
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Rocky River Historical Society A Buzz with Winton History

Winton talk 5 10 12 1 300x197 Rocky River Historical Society A Buzz with Winton History

The Rocky River Historical Society invited Bernie Golias of the Northern Ohio Chapter to give a talk on Winton History Thursday, May 10. Alexander Winton, an automotive pioneer and industrialist, was a resident of the nearby community of Lakewood.

Approximately 90 slides were presented within a one hour time frame to an audience of around 150. It was an informative display of photos that many have never been seen before by the general public and was a hit with area residents. Many Winton family members, as well as other local Historical Societies, were also present.

The icing on the cake came when Dave Heinrichs, club member, drove his 1917 Winton and parked it in front of the auditorium for display.

It was an opportunity to show and tell historical information on one of the most prestigious automobiles to have ever been built. In general, the club’s purpose is to help educate the general public on the history, preservation and restoration of the automobile. The crowd definitely left with an education that evening.