AACA Antique Car Trivia

Ready for some fun antique car trivia? See how many questions you can answer before reading the answers.
1. Who built the world’s first trucks? ¬†¬†Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, although as with the automobile, independently of one another. (The two men never met). Daimler produced the first commercial vehicle, whose two cylinder motor pumped out 10 hp. It could take 8% grades fully loaded at 2 1/2 mph. Benz built the first bus with gasoline engine in 1894, the 8-passenger Landau.

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2. When did the tilt-cab truck first appear? In 1913. The Lauth-Juergens Model-J sold for $4500.

3. Why was the 1918 Nash called the Rambler Quad? The Nash Rambler Quad had
four-wheel drive. The Quad far predated the Jeep, but it was not the first to have it. The first company to introduce it was appropriately named the Four Wheel Drive Company. Located in Clintonville, Wisconsin, the company was started in 1910 after its founders, Otto Zachow and William Besserdich, patented an idea for applying power to the front wheels, a front axle ball and socket joint.
The FWD trucks were the direct cause of the Army replacing the horse and cart as the principle means of army transportation in WWI, but the Quad was also significant. After leaving as President of GM in 1916, Charles Nash bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Co. and renamed the company Nah Motors, and delivered 11,94 Quads to the Army by 1918, an amazing production feat for the time. The company would be the forerunner to American Motors.

4. Who created the diesel engine? Rudolph Diesel, a German, in 1897. It was then called a rational heat motor.

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