Welcome To AACA Northern Ohio Chapter

A message from past  Ohio Region President, Bernie Golias:

Antique Automobile Club Northern Ohio Chapter (AACA) is blessed with over 90 enthusiastic members who share a common interest and passion for antique automobiles and self propelled vehicles. Ranging from classic automobiles like Duesenberg, Winton, Packard and Cadillac to Studebaker, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Chrysler and Dodge, as well as foreign cars like Honda, Fiat, Porsche and Volkswagen, our love of the automobile brings us together to form and enjoy friendships. 

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Whether your interest is in touring with cars, socializing with great people, event participation, carshows, swap meets, automobile history or just having car-related fun, the AACA Northern Ohio Chapter has a great deal to offer you. Ownership of an antique automobile is not a requirement for membership with the AACA.

We welcome all guests and new members. Feel free to check out past publications in our newsletter archive.

The Northern Ohio Chapter proudly sponsors the annual Patterson Fruit Farm car show which is held every August in the beautiful town of Chesterland, Ohio.

From tours to meets, to social outings we welcome new members who share the passion for good friends and fine cars. Please consider joining our Antique Automobile Club Chapter and sharing your passion as well.

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  1. I received my application for the Annual Apples & Auto’s Car Show scheduled for 8/28/2016. I am completing the application for return and want to make sure I pick the right class for my car. I own a 1936 Ford Roadster Streetrod. I believe I belong in class 11 but wanted to know what defines class 10 and class 14 and if my car would belong in either of those classes? I would appreciate your response. Thanks, Ray Pritchett . email rayprit@yahoo.com

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